the eternal theme

The eternal theme

Have you ever heard someone say that we receive messages and guidance through life transitions? Sometimes we recognize them as an afterthought and other times they are quite literally staring us in the face. Maybe today you would like some guidance or just a little bit of extra “magic”! Truly, all you need to ask for it and focus your awareness.

This photo was taken in Melbourne, Australia. I had been on the road for some time and was going through a major transition. I was leaving behind a long distance love and a dream I never fully manifested, and stepping into the unknown after already being in the unknown. I was preparing to head up North on a road I wasn’t yet prepared to travel. Whilst whipping around hidden bike trails with a new friend we came across this street art. It was very clear we had to stop and really let ourselves take it in. Amongst many other signs in retrospect, I can see how supported I really was at that time.

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The Objectification of Women – It Goes Much Further Than Sexy Pictures

Worth the re-enlightenment

Crates and Ribbons

When feminists decry the objectification of women, most people immediately think of the images that saturate our magazines, movies, adverts and the Internet, of women in varying stages of undress, dolled up and presented for the male gaze. Yet, while sexual objectification is a huge problem, it is, sadly, only a fraction of the objectification of women that permeates our world, from the moment we enter it.

Because it is all too obvious and difficult to ignore, we tend to focus on sexual objectification. The difference between the way women and men are portrayed in national newspapers and other media is stark— women are too often reduced to the sum of their body parts, heavily photoshopped to fit into an ever narrowing ideal of female beauty. It grabs our attention, we recognize that something isn’t right, and we confidently assert that this is sexism in action.

And we’re right, of…

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“Crazy Women”

“Crazy Women”

Today I came across this thoughtful article, and it began a theme for my morning somehow. I thought I might share with anyone interested!

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Gebusi of Guinea


-“You mean to say we’re champion exemplars of the process of natural selection.” “Well… yes, I guess that’s what I mean.”

…B shook his head. ” It shouldn’t be looked at that way—evolutionary ideas always make risky metaphors. The tendency of biological evolution is toward diversity—is now and always had been. Evolution isn’t tending toward ‘the one right species.’ From the beginning it has been tending away from the singularity from which all life sprang in the primordial stew. I remember as a boy reading a science-fiction story about a mutant organism that was born in a drain, in the fortuitous confluence of a dib of this and that. This organism was driven by a single tropism, which was to turn living matter into itself. Unstopped, it had the capability of reversing in a few days billions of years of biological evolution by devouring all life-forms on this planet and turning them into a single form, itself. This mutant organism is a perfect metaphor for our culture, which in just a few centuries is reversing millions of years of human development by devouring all cultures on this planet and turning them into a single culture, our own.”-

This is an exert from ‘The Story of B’ by Daniel Quinn

This passage resonated with me today and I felt compelled to share it. It’s so simple yet powerful.

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Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the Mud

There are moments, days, weeks, months and sometimes years we feel stuck. We feel a strong urge to move forward, or move at all and, somehow every attempt we make; we somehow remain unmoved. I recently embraced this feeling, while actually being stuck in the mud, realizing this is just natures way of grounding me! Anytime is a good time to get grounded. You will be surprised how good your feet will feel on the cold ground.

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We are NEVER too old to embrace our inner child. Sometimes we have such a tight hold on our thoughts, dreams, goals and present worries to even consider the child inside of us ; the one full of wonder, joy and awe. Use your world around you today and explore! I found myself jumping in a pile of golden leaves yesterday, trying to get my dog into it, and then standing in wonder as the wind would whip them around to create an illusion of falling golden snow.

Thoughts on this particular image. This was taken by BEAUTIFUL little girls that found Mira and I in Laos as we went on a bike ride to explore the surrounding area and caves in Nong Khiaw. Walking across a field, making our way back to our bikes, off in a distance, we saw these joyful beings giggling, dancing and prancing over towards us. We had no idea what was going on. They surrounded us smiling , holding baskets and knives for cutting plants and herbs.  A little shy at first, they indicated they were thirsty, so we gave them the rest of our water. They didn’t speak much English, but they began asking us to swirl them around! So for a half hour we just swirled and swirled and swirled…and swirled. We were all laughing. We all ended up on the ground. Then they ran off and began picking plants. They were showing us which ones we can eat. They were doing something else too. They told us to sit down and it seemed each one of us had an adopted little girl. They wanted to adorn us as forest fairies. They made us necklaces, rings and bracelets. They styled our hair and gave us wands. I don’t think either us will forgot those girls and the blessing their brought to us this day. It’s always a personal reminder to let go of my tight grasp of what I believe should be my world and allow myself to wonder.

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White Horse

White Horse

Today remember that if you seek magic, you will find it. Magic is often perceived as whatever we believe we can’t achieve without being some kind of special. That’s certainly true if that is a belief. Turn that thought around and you will find that you/we are magical beings. The universe has infinite ways of communicating with us, if we only ask. 

Just this morning my mom decided that today was a special day. She made this based on the color of tea bag she decided to use. If it’s a red tea bag that means today is special! So we laughed with her about it, and of course I had to know why the red one was special. She said it’s the expensive tea bag. I know my mom well enough to know that if she wanted to drink that delicious, special, red bagged tea for the rest of her life she could. So I asked her, why not make every day special? She said, But then it wont be special any more.  We have the choice to make everyday special. It begins with our perspective. Make NOW your special day! 

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Sometimes the path were on looks a little like this. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, confused and dizzy. Do not worry! Clarity is in sight.

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Pai in the Sky

Pai in the Sky

Remember today, that creation has no limit. We are creatures creating. With our thought we create simple art or new worlds. Everything we eat, touch or even think is a creation of sort. What would you like to create today?

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Mama Ganga

Mama Ganga

Its believed that the river ganges cleanses the soul. She helps release what no longer serves us. Right now is a perfect time to tap into that vibration. Is there anything that is stagnant in your life? Be honest. let it go!

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