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letting go…

letting go...

Is a major theme in my life right. It doesn’t seem to be any harder, but it also doesn’t get significantly easier. I feel this is an eternal theme in this current state of consciousness. I envision myself slowly walking down a dirt path, always walking away; always walking towards. Away from all that I’ve loved and loathed and towards the same, but different. As I walk, the memories and experiences fall off of me onto the dirt path. I pay no attention. I let go. Every new step is equal weight to the previous step as I let go and walk on. When all is gone, are we free or are we empty? I think it will always be both and none. We adhere to the laws of relativity. Letting go is a new illusion, a new home for our minds. The benefit we receive from what we keep to stay balanced is how much gratitude we have for what was, and what is and what shall be. Thank you.

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Indulging in Wanderlust soon

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WOW – this documentary is amazing. Thankful it exists. If you stumble upon this link, check it out.

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light break

Awakened in a sleepy world, in a place where the days are darker and the sun doesn’t stay. We rise and fall under the same sun that forced us out of a slumberous state. At times we try to close our eyes and go back to where we came, but the toll of opened eyes is a portal closed. Change is here and now. The choice remains, but the consequence of resistance is inevitable and undesirable in the depths of the soul. Painful as it might be to begin, the light seeps in through the darkest of days in the gentlest of ways; as a reminder of its endless gaze. And through a thoughtful quest we follow the rays.

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I am loved   I am creative   I am loving   I am abundant   I am free   I am appreciated   I am celebrated   I am patient   I am connected   I am letting go   I am honest   I am attracting higher vibrations   I am creating   I am healing   I am protected   I am healthy   I am rich   I am understood   I am understanding   I am compassionate   I am empathic   I am contributing    I am singing    I am dancing   I am writing   I am musical  I am thoughtful   I am enough  I am changing   I am cosmic   I am joyful   I am beautiful

I am creating   I am creating    I am creating

I am free   I am free   I am free  

I am letting go   I am letting go   I am letting go

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