Gebusi of Guinea


-“You mean to say we’re champion exemplars of the process of natural selection.” “Well… yes, I guess that’s what I mean.”

…B shook his head. ” It shouldn’t be looked at that way—evolutionary ideas always make risky metaphors. The tendency of biological evolution is toward diversity—is now and always had been. Evolution isn’t tending toward ‘the one right species.’ From the beginning it has been tending away from the singularity from which all life sprang in the primordial stew. I remember as a boy reading a science-fiction story about a mutant organism that was born in a drain, in the fortuitous confluence of a dib of this and that. This organism was driven by a single tropism, which was to turn living matter into itself. Unstopped, it had the capability of reversing in a few days billions of years of biological evolution by devouring all life-forms on this planet and turning them into a single form, itself. This mutant organism is a perfect metaphor for our culture, which in just a few centuries is reversing millions of years of human development by devouring all cultures on this planet and turning them into a single culture, our own.”-

This is an exert from ‘The Story of B’ by Daniel Quinn

This passage resonated with me today and I felt compelled to share it. It’s so simple yet powerful.

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