White Horse

White Horse

Today remember that if you seek magic, you will find it. Magic is often perceived as whatever we believe we can’t achieve without being some kind of special. That’s certainly true if that is a belief. Turn that thought around and you will find that you/we are magical beings. The universe has infinite ways of communicating with us, if we only ask. 

Just this morning my mom decided that today was a special day. She made this based on the color of tea bag she decided to use. If it’s a red tea bag that means today is special! So we laughed with her about it, and of course I had to know why the red one was special. She said it’s the expensive tea bag. I know my mom well enough to know that if she wanted to drink that delicious, special, red bagged tea for the rest of her life she could. So I asked her, why not make every day special? She said, But then it wont be special any more.  We have the choice to make everyday special. It begins with our perspective. Make NOW your special day! 

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3 thoughts on “White Horse

  1. Reblogged this on katrinaroseauthor21 and commented:
    I like this. It always happens within our minds first.

  2. It’s true! I’m happy you liked it. I believe you’re my first comment 🙂

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